Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wait, I'm A Published What?

I'm a published author. Wait, what?

Yeah, that's my reaction whenever my brain suddenly realizes that my book, my baby, my heart is going to be published. And be available for the whole world to read. Insert scream of joy and fear now. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I am absolutely thrilled, astounded, dumbstruck that someone, anyone, is going to read this book (including my favorite author of all time, but that deserves a blog post of its own). However, the nagging voice in the back of my head still creates numerous doubts, the top one being: everyone will hate it. Of course, this is simply fear of the unknown (the unknown being, I've never been published before and don't know what the heck is going to happen). Yet, the Lord says 365 different times in the Bible "Do not fear." Okay, Lord, I get it.

However, I am not so naive to believe that everyone will love it. There are haters out there in the world whose sole purpose in life is to hate on things and people just because they get some sort of strange, sick pleasure out of it. Do I think those people need psychological help? Yes, but alas they will continue to reproduce and continue hating things and people for the rest of existence. 

So as I continue to traverse through life on cloud 9, I am frequently pulled back down to harsh reality whenever the thought of someone actually reading my book crosses my mind. Strange, you'd think I'd be so excited at the thought, wanting to look over their shoulder and watch their reaction? No. I'd rather bury myself in a hole and hope they don't hate it too much. 

But that's just the shy, sensitive writer in me who has to constantly be reminded that if this book wasn't supposed to be published, then God wouldn't publish it.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above." James 1:17

Okay, so taking a deep breath and trusting God first, I guess I should probably at least mention what my book is about. Right. Almsot forgot that one.

Well, my novel is entitled Forget-Me-Not. It is a young adult paranormal romance with some Native American culture thrown in. It is the first book in the Forget-Me-Not series. I will definitely go into lots more detail about the book itself, my characters, the inspiration, etc. in later posts. 

Forget-Me-Not is going to be published by Martin Sisters Publishing, LLC. They have a website and a blog so please go check them out and their other lovely authors. 

I am also in the process of having website built (don't I sound fancy?), which will have lots of fun things on it and hopefully everyone will like it.

More posts to come! I do have to do this thing called writing, since you know, that's what I am. A writer. I'm currently working on the second installment, which we shall call Morning Glory for the time being, and then I have this other commitment called college. Ha. Oh, I have a seven page paper due when? Right. 

So all of that to say I am both elated and terrified that my dream of publication is coming to pass. This is a precious time and I have so much to be thankful for, but I wouldn't be human if I didn't freak out a little bit, right?

 Hopefully you have liked this first post and will like my novel when it is available for everyone to read. Until next time! 


  1. hey its Jessica, can i get a sneak preview like the first chapter maybe? b/c the blog post makes me wanna read it and hey maybe you can help me through the process of writing mine i keep getting stuck!

    1. Hey Jessica! I would love to help you with your writing sometime. However, at this moment I am not allowed to publish/release any previews to the work. As soon as I get the okay from my publisher, I will probably post a sample on my website. Sorry I can't let you read it right now, but I will be sure to keep you updated on release dates. I am excited that you want to read it! Thank you!

    2. thats ok caues we are probably going to be in the same sorority

  2. I'm kind of jealous but in a nice way I hope I can get a book published while I am in college