FAQ: Aka, the questions I'm asked so many times that I actually have the answers memorized!

How did you come up with the idea for “Forget Me Not”?

    Well to be completely honest, Adeline made me listen to her. I didn’t wake up one day and say to myself, “I think I’m gonna write a novel today.” God literally dropped Adeline and the whole book in my lap and said, “This is what I want you to do right now. Write.” So, I wrote. And the Lord kept me on a need to know basis. Every time I became discouraged and hit a roadblock, the Lord showed me a way around it and said, “Trust Me.” And I trusted Him.

How did you get “Forget Me Not” published? What was that process like?

    I googled publishing and found out very quickly that this was going to be difficult. While my classmates were learning how to write an argumentative essay for the A.P. Exam, I was learning how to write a query letter and talking to publishers. After four years of countless rejection letters, on April 1, 2012 (I literally thought Melissa, my publisher, was pulling some huge April fools joke on me!) Martin Sisters Publishing offered me a contract. It was the sweetest and most humbling moment of my life.

Who is your favorite character?

    Ah! I hate this question! It’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! I truly love all of my characters, even the not so nice ones. However, I’d have to say that Jacy and Enola are a few of my favorites. Both are minor characters, but for the book I had to build their backstories and I just fell in love with them.

Why use Great Falls, Montana as the setting? 

    I knew Adeline and Cole were not from Augusta, GA. Obviously, Cole is Native American, so I researched North American tribes to try to find Cole’s home. When I came across the Chippewa tribe, I just knew this was Cole’s tribe. Although the Little Shell Indians did not have a federal recognized reservation (at the time of my research and writing in 2008), they were living in and near Great Falls, MT. And I honestly wanted to write about somewhere I had never been. I wanted to escape, not stay somewhere I knew. 

How did you come up with the titles?

    The titles came to me after I started my research and writing. I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of flower and I saw this beautiful blue flower. When I asked one of my friends the name of it and she told me “Forget Me Not” and I fell in love immediately.
    The title also symbolizes an important aspect of the novel. Without trying to give too much away (I hate spoilers!), I will say that the title has much to do with one’s culture and past.
    "Morning Glory" also came to me while researching. I wanted to keep with a flower theme and I loved what the flower itself means, especially in regards to the story line. I'd tell you, but I don't want to ruin it! 

Is there a sequel to “Forget Me Not”?

    Yes! Forget Me Not is actually a trilogy. Morning Glory is the second installment to the series. I am currently working the third and final book. I am still debating on the title for that one, but I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

When will "Morning Glory" be published?

    It is published! See the buy books tab for more info!

Any advice for aspiring writers? Any tips for publishing?

     Never give up on your writing. Write a story you yourself want to read. And don’t be too concerned about the publishing process when you are still writing. Just focus on your characters and it will all work itself out. Trust your instinct and edit, edit, edit!
    The publishing industry is tough. Big time publishers want a sure deal that will sell and make them lots of money. Rarely, do they take on first time authors. But, don’t let that hinder you. Be persistent and believe in your characters. 
    As for tips, I recommend researching publishers on www.writersmarket.com. This website is also good to help you learn how to approach publishers and compose a query letter. Your query letter is very important. 

Where can I buy your books?

   Wherever books are sold! Check out the "Buy The Books" link for more details. 

What if my question wasn’t answered?

    You can contact me at allisonpblanchard@gmail.com for any questions and business inquiries. You can also follow me on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for other updates on the Forget Me Not series.