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Book Signings, Morning Glory Excerpt, and Author Love! YEAH!

So, long time no see. Sorry for the lack of updates on my life – it has been very hectic and busy. However, I have some good news for everyone!

My next book signing has been booked (haha, get it? Booked? Like in books? No? That’s cool. I’ll just be over here, laughing by myself). Please see this link for more details: you should come get some food to nom nom and books signed

It will be lots of fun and I am really looking forward to meeting more of you. Please join the event on Facebook so the bookstore can get an idea of how many people to expect. There will be food, prizes, Q&A discussion, and I’ll be signing some books (Honestly, I’m going for the free food. OH YEAH!)

Also, I had the absolute blessing of having one of my favorite authors, Marianne Curley (yes, I know I talk about her a lot but she is a boss, yo!) read my book….and LOVED it! I literally cried tears of pure joy. My heart couldn’t take all the love.  You can see her thoughts about "Forget Me Not" on Goodreads here: the author review that brought tears to my precious eyes

Her latest novel, “Hidden” has been released in Australia and the UK this past March. It will be in the States this June and I am counting down the days people. I am beyond excited for this new series. EEEKK!

Also, most of you know that I have completed the second book in the Forget Me Not Trilogy, “Morning Glory.” I will have more news on release dates and such as my editor/publisher let me know. I believe it should hit shelves later in the year *crossing fingers*

So, to reward you all for your patience I have decided to release an unedited scene from “Morning Glory” for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it and share with friends. Please let everyone know about my next signing and I hope to see most of you there! YAY!

Chapter One

Yesterday was the last day of school. I was one more year closer to freedom from the public school education system. The last place I would ever imagine myself on the first day of my summer was a bridal salon. Yet, here I was.
            I sat in the corner of the dressing room, trying not to breathe in the stale perfume while waiting impatiently for Emma to emerge in her next dress.
            The bridal consultant made an appearance first, before Emma.
            “I think this is the one,” She mouthed to me. She was just as exhausted as I was.
            I threw the magazine I had been flipping through to the small table and waited anxiously for Emma.
            She walked out carefully, as to not step on her flowing dress. It was refreshingly different from the others. No ruffles or sparkles in odd places. It was a clean-cut, white satin gown that flowed to the ground. She looked like she was floating. She was smiling widely while walking over to look into the mirror.
            “Oh Adeline,” She breathed when she saw her reflection.
            I walked over to her showing my enthusiasm.
            “It’s perfect Em.”
            “It is, isn’t it?” She asked fixing the veil.
            “Do you think Henry will like it?” Emma asked, looking at me through the mirror.
            I tried not to cringe at the sound of his name. Henry wasn’t a bad guy; I just wasn’t too thrilled with idea of him becoming my brother-in-law.
            Henry had asked Emma about a month prior, taking her to dinner, getting down on one knee, the whole nine yards. Of course, she said yes and I had then been appointed maid of honor.
            I smiled, “Yeah Em. He’s gonna love it.”
            She squealed in response, jumping up and down.
            I sat back down in my chair while Emma and the bridal consultant, Trisha, began talking about fittings and such. I zoned out immediately. I wanted to get out of there already – someone was waiting for me.
            “Now about the dress for the maid of honor,” Emma began. “I saw some in the front of the store and I want Adeline to try a few on.”
            I groaned in response.
            “Emma, I have to be somewhere,” I protested as I stood, following her into her dressing room. Trisha went to bring the other dresses.
            “Where do you need to go in such a hurry?” She asked trying to unclip her dress.
            I rolled my eyes as I helped her out of the dress.
            “Cole is picking me up at the house in about ten minutes,” I replied. “I already told you this.”
            “Well, as you can see, I’ve been busy. Planning a wedding and all,” She replied slipping back into her jeans and pulling her blouse over her head.
            I sighed as I hung the dress back onto the hanger.
            “I know Em. I just don’t want to keep him waiting.”
            Emma ignored me, quickly walking out of the dressing room, to ensure that Trisha was getting the right dresses. I sighed as I followed her, afraid of what Emma might have in mind for her maid of honor.
            I caught a glimpse of Emma taking dress after dress off the racks and laying them in Trisha’s arms. I cringed at the thought of trying on each one.
            Emma’s cell phone vibrated in her purse and I quickly answered it for Bridezillla.
            “Hey Sexy. What’cha up to?”
            “Um…this is Adeline,” I replied awkwardly.
            “Well I’ll be darn. You sound just like your sister Addie!” Henry exclaimed, trying to laugh off the uncomfortable situation.
            “Let me get Em,” I trotted over to Emma and handed her the phone.
            “It’s Henry,” I mouthed. Her face broke out into a grin.
            “That’s him,” She muttered to Trisha before taking the phone.
            Trisha nodded and smiled while taking the mountain of dresses to the dressing room. I didn’t think I would ever leave.
            I looked to my wristwatch and sighed heavily when I saw I only had five minutes to get home to meet Cole. I might as well forget it.
            Emma was twirling her hair while walking aimlessly around the bridal salon, still on the phone. I rolled my eyes at older sister. Wasn’t I supposed to be the one that spent annoyingly long hours on the phone?
            “Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Love you too,” Emma said before she hung up the phone.
She walked briskly to my side, smiling.
            “So, can I go?”
            I knew the actual chance of Emma letting me go instead of helping her plan her wedding were slim to nothing, but I had to at least try.
            “Sure. We can do this another time,” She sighed dreamily.
            I stared after her as she went to talk to Trisha. Did I hear her correctly?
            “Yeah! Have fun and be home around eleven,” She waved back to me while getting Trisha’s attention to plan another appointment.
            I walked out of the boutique taking in a much needed perfume free breath. The air tasted sweeter.
            I walked down the sidewalk, hoping Cole hadn’t given up and gone home. We had made a point to see each other every day, but with Emma’s wedding and Cole’s tribe needing him, we had to really plan out the time when we wanted to see each other. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day.
            I wasn’t aware of someone following me until I heard a chuckle. It was a low, husky sound that surprised me so much that it almost caused me to trip. I turned around feeling my heart skip a beat when my eyes landed on him.
            He was a few feet away, leaning against one of the brick buildings that made up the street. He had his arms folded across his chest, his eyes glancing down to his feet. He was fighting back a smile.
            I slowly, carefully, walked up to him. It was surreal to see him like this, so beautiful and seemingly unattainable. It was as if he was a mirage that at any moment would disappear.
He never looked up to me, but kept his eyes to the ground.
            I stopped when I was a foot away, waiting for him to move, to speak, to do anything. I watched him warily, analyzing him.
            He finally looked up, or rather down, to me, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. I smiled up to him. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. My mouth was dry and my thoughts hazy.
            His blue eyes held me and I realized that no words were needed. Everything we were both trying to say was within them.
            “Hey,” He said roughly. “You’re late.”
            I rolled my eyes, trying to break his gaze.
            “I know. You have Emma to blame.”
            He leaned away from the wall, towering over me, smirking.
            “Doesn’t matter. You’re here now.”
            Suddenly, copper arms pulled me in and I saw nothing but him. He was all I needed.
            “I missed you,” He whispered into my hair, breathing deeply. His arms tightened around me.
            “I missed you too. I love you Cole…” I added the last part quickly. I was still afraid that he was a dream that would be gone in a second. It had happened once.
            He sighed and tilted his head to look at me.
            “And I love you. Don’t ever forget it.”
            I gulped and nodded. He smiled, looking breathtaking.
            “How’s your ankle?”
            I glanced down to my braced foot. I had broken my left ankle about six weeks ago and just recently had the cast removed. But I still had to wear a very annoying brace. Cole constantly teased me about it, seeing that it hindered me more than it helped. My balance was shot now that I had to lean most of my weight to the right foot. I stumbled more than I walked.
            “Fine,” I muttered.
            He laughed to himself, shaking his head at the tone in my voice.
            “What would you like to do today?” He asked, lacing his fingers through mine, walking me down the street. “Dinner and a movie?”
            “You know what I want to do,” I shook my head. He knew that a movie wasn’t going to cut it for me. I wanted to go see the Chosen. It felt like weeks had passed since I last saw any of them.
            He rolled his eyes dramatically, “Can’t we be normal for one day?”
            “I’m the one who has to be normal 24/7. I want to do something fun.”
            “Being normal can be fun,” Cole contradicted.
            “Nope. I still want to go with you to see the Chosen,” I said unwavering.
            He shook his head, but didn’t object.
We drove in comfortable silence. I was faintly aware of the world outside; I was focusing on his breathing, trying to sync mine to his as his hand intertwined with mine.
“How is everyone? I feel like I haven’t seen any of them in forever,” I asked, my thoughts suddenly focusing on the eight other Native Americans that had helped save my life.
            Cole smirked, “They’re good. Ava and Olivia won’t stop asking about you. I think Chenoa is rubbing off on them.”
            I smiled at the memory of Ava and Olivia. They were two of the Chosen, part of a legend that has come to life. Both are able to transform into an eagle, the tribe’s spirit warrior. Not only were they both gifted and beautiful, but they were both inhumanly kind to me. They were the two that welcomed me the most, besides Cole and Chenoa of course.
            “What about Ella, Dylan, and Elan?”
            Cole hesitated and sighed before replying.
            “Ella is still herself. Doesn’t talk much besides to Elsu. Elan is good. He’s gotten better at his flying. And Dylan…. he’s about the same. Still having trouble with shifting comfortably.”
            I frowned. Ella never liked me, so that wasn’t news to me. But ever since the Chosen last battled the Rebels, when they saved me, Dylan got hurt and has had trouble shifting from his human form to his eagle form. I knew it was entirely my fault, but Dylan was quick to disregard my guilt, always saying he should have been more careful. The truth is, I should have been more careful.
            “Oh,” I replied quietly. “That’s good for Elan. I can only imagine how happy he must feel.”
            “Don’t worry about the others Adeline. They’ll come around,” Cole said, somehow knowing I was worried about Ella and Elsu.
            I nodded, glancing to Cole, and then looked back out the window.

I guess you all will have to wait till the release of “Morning Glory” to find out what happens next!

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