Monday, May 19, 2014

Lack of Blog Posts: Send Complaint Letters to School and Finals Week

Well, it has been quite awhile. And a lot has happened since I last wrote. A. Lot. 

I have finished up my junior year of college and now I only have one year left. Just one. And while I'm thrilled to be so close to my degrees, I can't help but think it's gone by too fast. I can't imagine saying goodbye to all my friends I have made these past three years. But thinking about saying goodbye to my best of friends, reminds me of another heart wrenching goodbye that is going to happen fairly soon.

Now that finals are over and I have most of the summer to write (I'll explain why it's only most of the summer - keep reading!), I must now get back to finishing up The Forget Me Not Trilogy. Meaning I must say goodbye to Adeline, Cole, and all of those characters from that world. I think I have been procrastinating writing book three (at the annoyance of my best friend, sorry Kelly!) because once it's written, it is done. Now, I'm not saying there will never be another book about Adeline and Cole. I'm not writing off that idea completely, but as of now, the story must come to an end. And it breaks my heart. 

Yet, I'm excited at the same time. While I'm sad the story must end, I'm thrilled to share it with everyone who has been on this journey with me since I was first published a year and a half ago. I can't wait to see what you all think - book three is going to be a crazy ride!

Now, speaking of exciting things, the reason I only have most of the summer is because I am going to France for a little over a month in June and July! 

In 38 days and 3 hours I leave for France and I am beyond excited. I'm studying abroad in Strasbourg and Paris where I get to do some research on this 18th century French woman author, Madame Beaumont. But more on that later. 

I'm going to be posting specific blog posts about my travels on this blog for your reading pleasure. Plus I know that I am going to need to a place to upload pictures and pour out my excitement. EEKK! So more posts are to come (I promise!!) on writing book three and packing for France/living in France! 

This last summer before my senior year will be busy, but exciting. And I look forward to sharing it all with you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with me.