Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blogger Book Fair Day 4: Rebecca Hamilton

Welcome my lovely readers to the Blogger Book Fair of 2013! I must give a shout out to the amazing Kayla Curry for setting this all up! Please check out my blog each day from Feb. 7-10 for some interviews, guest posts, and giveaways!

I'm so happy to interview Rebecca Hamilton, author of the Forever Girl Series! 

Rebecca Hamilton

Why do you write?

I'm too stubborn to stop writing. I wish I could give one of those cliched answers, like "I need to do it" or something, but I don't. It's more like a neurotic drive that compels to write.

What do you do to prepare before you actually begin writing? Music, tea, coffee, etc.?

Music! Always music :) And a quiet room, after the kids are in bed.

Do you have a writing routine/schedule?

I try to write every night, knowing that at best I'll write every other night or ever 3 days ;)

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

The finished product! It's very fulfilling to be DONE after all that hard work!

What are the book(s) that you are promoting about?

Currently out right now is The Forever Girl, a paranormal fantasy and Her Sweetest Downfall, a paranormal romance. You can also download PART ONE of The Forever Girl on Kindle for FREE.

Who is your favorite character from your novel?

That's a tough one. Probably Charles, though I'd love to meet Adrian in real life. I already have a friend just like Lauren :)

Why do you write for the Young Adult audience?

I actually write cross over. A lot of people confuse my book for Young Adult, probably because it appeals to their audience as well. Mostly, I write for adults who are young ;) And I do so because that's what I like to read, and I feel like there isn't enough of that "in between" category.

Any advice for aspiring authors who would like to be published?

Keep writing! Persevere! The number 1 key to success is to KEEP TRYING and KEEP WORKING AT IT!

Is there anything that you are working on currently that we can be expecting?

Yes! I'm working on Book 2 in the Forever Girl Series--Come the Dark! Readers can check out the cover HERE where they can also learn more and sign up for release notification (and enter themselves to win a free copy when the book is released!)

If you stranded on an island and you can only bring 3 books and one CD, what would you bring and why?

Only 3 books? AFTER THE FEAR by Rosanne Rivers (because it's just awesome and I must read it at least 1 more time before I die), Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery (because the writing and story are beautiful and enchanting and I'll never get sick of the imagery and characters), and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (for it's general awesomeness that needs no explanation!). One CD, probably a mix, on which I would include song covers by Melanie Martinez who should have won THE VOICE!

Quick Fire Questions:

1. McDonalds or Burger King?

2. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee (though right now I can't have either! Caffeine is on the "no-no list" for pregnancy).

3. Book or Kindle?
Book. I love my kindle and it's my preferred way to get books, but man it's annoying when my battery dies!

4. Romance or Thriller?
Romantic Thriller

5. Favorite book?
The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard

6. Favorite movie?
Becoming Jane

7. Favorite author?
Nancy Pickard

8. iPhone or Android?

9. Favorite color?

10. Salty or Sweet?

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