Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dream Movie Cast List: Forget Me Not

Alright, I know it's not Wednesday yet, but I will be having a very busy day tomorrow, so I thought I'd go ahead and post what I was going to post anyway. So, here you go!

I have been asked this question a lot and I recently did a blog post for a friend of mine this past February about who I would cast in my dream world as the characters from Forget Me Not. I will leave the link to the original blog post HERE for you all to go read. However, I decided to go into more detail and even cast more characters than I had the first time. So here goes. 

I will begin with the beautiful and charming Cole Dyami. I'm sticking by my original pick, Tyler Posey,  however, I also think BooBoo Stewart would also make a good Cole. Both are great actors and I think they could play the shy and sweet boy hiding a terrible secret while at the same time falling in love while also dealing with the legends of their tribe. Wow. That's a lot. 

I think either actor would make a good Cole. Let me know if you agree or if you have a completely different actor in mind in the comments below! 

Tyler Posey looking adorable. 

BooBoo Stewart in a barn somewhere. 

Next we have the beautiful, yet painfully insecure Adeline Jasely. She is probably the hardest character for me to try to cast. She has such a distinct look in my head that it's really hard for me to pick a specific  actress to play her. After much research I find that Kaya Scodelario looks the most like the girl in my head. I think she would make a great Addie. And she's British. So she's pretty much perfect. 

 Next is the one and only Chenoa Dyami. She's beautiful, spunky, and sees the bright side of things no matter what. For this beloved character, I think that Roseanne Supernault would be a fabulous Chenoa.

Next is the infamous and stubborn Elsu Dyami. I loved my first pick for this character and I'm sticking to it. Eddie Spears, if you ever read this....PLEASE BE ELSU. I mean, if you want. 

Next is Paco Dyami and I can't think of a better Native actor than Gil Birmingham. He is talented, fabulous, and would make a great Paco!

When I first searched for the actress to play Emma Jasely, Adeline's crazy and overprotective older sister/legal guardianGemma Arterton was the perfect actress in my opinion. 

Next is the loving, yet annoying Henry, boyfriend to Emma. He is silly and good comic relief, but he does annoy me a little too. Sorry Addie.

Another fabulous character who is near and dear to my heart would have to be Enola. And I think that Tantoo Cardinal would play a wonderful Enola.

So there they are. My wish list dream cast for Forget Me Not. Please let me know if you like the actors chosen or let me know who you think would make a great character in my series. I hope you all enjoyed this fun post. 

I also have some GREAT news! My publisher just emailed me the contract for Morning Glory. That means it is that much closer from being in my head and into your hands...that sounded kind of weird. Well, you know what I mean.