Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Interview with Cole Dyami. You're Welcome Ladies.

After asking on social media, it was pretty clear who people wanted to hear from. However, I had a lot of different characters brought up who I'd thought be great candidates to interview. Therefore, I will be doing these character interviews maybe every week or every other week. At the end of this post, I'll announce who will be the next character to be interviewed! :)

Also, I was recently interviewed by the lovely Briana Morgan who is a fellow writer and good friend of mine. You can read the interview HERE

 So without further waiting, I give you the one and only Cole Dyami. *insert fangirl screams here*

Me: Hello Cole! Welcome to my blog!

Cole: Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to be here.

Me: So, first things first, what do you consider home to be? This can be a place, a person, a memory, etc.

Cole: This may sound lame, but wherever love is, that's where I consider home. While I love my family and my tribe, the only place I feel truly loved or most like myself is when I'm with Adeline. She's my home.

Me: Well, that's precious. So, is Adeline your girlfriend, then?

Cole: Yes, she's that and my very best friend.

Me: Have you ever had a girlfriend before her?

Cole: Well, there was this one girl my freshmen year of high school, but it didn't last but a few months. That was back when I went to school on the reservation.

Me: What's her name? What happened? 

Cole: Her name is Kelsey and it was sort of a mutual break up. We're still friends for the most part. Although I haven't had much time to really hang out with anyone from my old school besides a few people.

Me: So, what's your greatest fear in life?

Cole: That I would live a life full of regrets. I want to live a life that I can look back on in 70 years and be proud of. 

Me: Who do you most admire?

Cole: Again, at the risk of coming across as lame, I'd have to say Adeline. She is strong, courageous, humble, beautiful, and definitely someone I admire most in the world.

Me: That is not lame at all! It just proves you're in love! Moving on, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Cole: I would want to be able to fully forgive myself. There are things I have done in the past that I wish I could take back. I still find it extremely difficult to forgive myself. 

Me: What was it like growing up with only your Dad and two half-siblings?

Cole: I'm sure it was very difficult for my father, Paco, but for the first half of my life, it seemed normal. I was happy, but as I got older I realized what it meant that my siblings and I had different mothers. I'd do anything to have my Mom back. It hurts and I don't always understand why my Mom had to die. It's a weird feeling, missing someone I've never even met.

Me: Speaking of your sister and brother, why do you think there is so much tension between you and Elsu? You seem to have a great relationship with Chenoa.

Cole: Yes! I am very blessed to have such a great relationship with my sister. She truly stepped into the motherly role while I was growing up and I am forever grateful to her. As for Elsu, it has always been hard. I don't think he really hates me. Just probably taking this whole "older brother bullies younger brother to build character" a little too seriously.

Me: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Cole: I was five years old and my Dad had finally agreed to take me fishing. I had been begging him for days and he finally decided I was old enough. He took me out on his boat and taught me how to hook a line and be patient enough to wait for a fish to bite. We ate turkey sandwiches and drank root beer all day. It was one of the best days I can remember. 

Me: Last question. What's your favorite color?

Cole: Green. It reminds me of the forest, which is one of my favorite places to be.

Me: Well, thank you so much for answering some questions for us today!

Cole: Of course! 

Well, there you have it ladies. You got your interview with the beautiful Cole Dyami. I believe I will be doing another one of these character interviews for next week. And the lucky fictional character who has no choice but to participate is *drumroll please*.....Paco Dyami!! (You're welcome, Keri.)

See you all next time!