Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Been Quite the Journey: Cue in "Don't Stop Believing"

This blog post will be short because it is day four of my study abroad at approximately 11:37pm Strasbourg time. But I will say, yes I am alive and yes, I'm having a great time. Even though it started out a little rocky... Let me start from the beginning. 

First, my plane was delayed so much, I had to switch flights at the last moment. Luckily, two of the other girls on the trip and I made it on the same flight but (and this is a very big but) the airline misplaced our luggage and now I am on day four of the same outfit. Not cute. After hassling the airport both in France and from parents back in the states, our luggage is to arrive (fingers crossed) by 2pm Strasbourg time tomorrow (PLEASE) - Hence the Journey reference in the blog title. 

Now, while this has been super inconvenient and downright ratchet, I have grown a lot over the past four days. I have grown so much in trusting the Lord and in my faith. While I'm excited to get my suitcase and the things I need back, I've also learned that those things aren't necessary to truly experience life and joy. They are just things. Even with the inconvenience, this trip has been amazing and eye opening. Granted I will most likely jump for joy and cry real tears when I can wear some clean clothes and actually smell nice. 

Since being on this study abroad, I have already learned so much history, culture, politics, and even some new vocab words. My language skills are better and I'm building my confidence by speaking with locals (ordering food is my speciality). Once we arrived in Strasbourg, France, we walked around the square, visited local shops, and ate some delicious food - literally bowls of cheese and bread (pictures to come). Recently, we visited the Strasbourg History Museum, the Alsace History Museum, and the local Cathedral. It is one thing to visit such an ancient city, but to also learn about its history and culture was amazing. The architecture in the Cathedral and even within the town itself is breathtaking. So many pictures to come in the next blog post. Don't you worry. 

Tomorrow, we visit the European Council and hopefully (please pray people!) get our luggage and explore this beautiful city some more. I also hope to have more time tomorrow to upload pictures to my Facebook and this blog for your viewing pleasure. 

I hope you all enjoyed my post and will continue with me on this amazing and crazy journey. Bonne Nuit!