Friday, July 4, 2014

And the Journey Continues...

So it's been one week since I've been in France and so much has happened. We've visited so many historical sites and even went to Baden-Baden, Germany yesterday. It's a beautiful German town that is known for its spas and baths. We toured an ancient Roman bath which was incredibly interesting. We also walked through an old rose garden that literally looked like it was from a movie (Pride and Prejudice anyone?) Such a quaint and beautiful town.

A few days ago we visited the European Parliament and the European Council which was an interesting insight into the political life and even the culture of France and Europe itself. Sitting in on an actual European Parliament Session was also super exciting and a great way to really understand how politics works and how it is put into practice in Europe. I am learning that understanding the politics and history behind France is aiding me in my understanding of the people and their culture. 

The people of France and their way of life is the most interesting for me. Sitting in cafes, overhearing different conversations is bringing into new light these people and their lifestyle. In many ways, it's like the US, but also very different in other ways. I look forward to learning more and growing in my understanding of such a diverse town, like Strasbourg. 

Below are several photos that I have taken on my trip - I finally found the time to upload the photos from my phone to my computer while waiting for my luggage (one week later and still nothing :( )