Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Make Time For Writing

I've decided to write a blog post that I think many aspiring writers need to read and one that I especially need to read. It's also a blog post about a question that I am often asked.

How do you make time for writing?

Well, it's definitely not easy. Being a full time college student who is also super involved with extracurriculars such as my university's literary journal, an online magazine for women, honor societies, sleeping, eating, AND writing a third novel....yeah, it's not easy.

However, it is not impossible. I know so many other authors who are just as busy or even busier than I. While it is difficult to balance everything, it is definitely doable. So I want to share with you all a few tips I try to follow to keep my creative juices going and to keep writing.

1. Give yourself a due date. 

While you may not have an editor or publisher giving you deadlines as you write your novel, that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Give yourself reachable deadlines as you write. For example, write 20,000 words by the end of the month. Or tell yourself the first draft will by done by summer. Whatever it is, write your deadlines down and keep them somewhere, like in an agenda, where you will see it often.

2. Give yourself small, reachable goals

While the first tip is helpful, don't give yourself a due date that is impossible. Therefore, it would be also helpful to give yourself little goals that you can meet each week or even every day. For myself, I have created a goal of writing at least 500 words per day. While I haven't been consistent with that goal, it is still something I can remember and attempt everyday. Now, if the words are flowing and you go over 500 words, great! If not, just know that writing something is better than writing nothing at all.  

3. If you want writing to be your job, treat it like one

This goes back to my previous points. If writing is something that you want to make a career out of, then you should treat it like a job. Make deadlines, goals, and put hours in. If you love to write, then it deserves your time. And more importantly, your characters deserve your time.

4. Make an outline

If you are writing an in depth, super complicated multi-book series, then you may want to think about an outline. It isn't fair to you to expect yourself to bust out three books in a year (if you can, then kudos to you my friend!!). However, making an outline so that when you can sit down to write will help you be able to focus and write the scenes and characters you need to write. 

5. Drink coffee... lots of it

I think this tip is self-explanatory. Whatever you drink, coffee is always for me, make some while you write! Whatever keeps you awake, gets the creative juices going, then drink and write my friends! 

6. Don't beat yourself up

This tip is very important. If you dont' meet every small goal you make for yourself, don't freak out! Life gets busy and sometimes writing has to take a back seat. However, don't be so discouraged that you give up. Writing a novel takes time. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! 

I hope you all found these tips and hints helpful! Happy Writing everyone! 

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