Sunday, July 6, 2014

Luggage, Cheese, and Bread...SO GOOD!

8 days after I was supposed to receive my luggage, it has finally arrived! While this past week in a foreign country with minimal clothes and toiletries has been challenging, it also has taught me so much. I now know that I can easily make an outfit for each day out of about 4-5 pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes for 8 days. But I have also learned that one does not need physical things to enjoy life - the last week in Strasbourg was challenging, but so beautiful and wonderful and intriguing. But I'm still pumped to have my warm sweaters!

Now that I have my luggage, I can now really experience and enjoy the culture that France has to offer. It's been interesting to not only go to different stores and restaurants, but also get to shop in local super markets and even street markets. I've tried different foods - even l'escargot (that's snails for those who don't know). But my absolute favorite meal still has to be cheese and bread. It's so good here, you don't even know!

Today, my professor, Dr. Elliott, and I traveled from Strasbourg to Paris and are staying at her sister's apartment. Tomorrow, we take an early morning train to Vire where we will begin our research and read the 18th century letters of Madame Beaumont! The French literature nerd in me is giddy!

I will try to stay close to my computer now that Wifi is a little more accessible and will try to update this blog more frequently. À bien tôt!