Thursday, July 10, 2014

Walking Through Midnight in Paris...No, but really!

Today, I left my beloved Vire and came to Paris where Dr. Elliott and I met up with the rest of our study abroad group and took a tour of the Latin Quarter. Dr. Elliott called her friend, Laurent, who is actually a French priest, who took us on the tour of this part of the city. Even though it was rainy and cold, the tour was absolutely magnificent. We saw such beautiful architecture and historic buildings and some even more beautiful cathedrals. We even got to see some places where my favorite movie, Midnight in Paris, was filmed. We also walked down the street where Ernest Hemmingway lived when he stayed in Paris.

I have been to Paris once before when I was sixteen and the city is just as beautiful and mystic as I remember it to be. Walking down the Parisian streets, it was so hard to believe that I was truly back in Paris – for over the next week! I am so blessed and amazed by this incredible opportunity. To learn more about this ancient city and its culture is just phenomenal.

On that note, I must also inform you all that my conversation skills have drastically improved! When Dr. Elliott and I were in Vire, we were interviewed by the Vire newspaper (I’m going to be famous, guys) and during the conversation, I suddenly realized something very important. I was listening/speaking in French and not even thinking about it. Like we do in English – we hear the words, visualize, and respond so quickly. There is no conjugation or wondering what vocab word we should use. It just flows. I had that listening comprehension realization! It was amazing!

Hopefully, I can continue on this French streak as I head to Brussels, Belgium tomorrow! Until then!